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Wear your creations on your Beacon. Interact with them with touch, sound and movement.

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The Team

Daniel always wanted to be a writer, but instead of a book he ended up writing a lot of code. Obsessed with all things tech, now he's trying to make search engines cleverer as a PhD student in Computational Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. If you look over his shoulder while he is "working", you'll often see a blog post about the latest wearable gadget. When he finds any spare time, he enjoys climbing mountains, building empires, and saving the world.
Siraj is an Electrical and Computer Engineer who's worked on projects specializing in Autonomous Robotics and Machine Vision. He's currently completing his Ph.D. on the applications of sintered nano-materials and diamagnetic bearings for kinetic energy storage. He loves multidisciplinary work and, well, pretty much anything that involves building. He's especially fond of 3D printing and would happily sell his soul for a printer that can print magical unicorns and ... ummm ... time machines.
JenHao is a serious Taiwanese guy who claims to have more than 10 years of experience in Control and Electrical engineering. He used to work for a big consumer goods company but he didn't like it. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. using the biggest lie in the world, statistical techniques. His position in the team is mainly focusing on the hardware design and adding some Asian flavour to the group brainstorming.
Emily is a Computer Scientist who sometimes gets lost and confused and accidentally ends up doing graphic design. She's an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University who has worked for companies like Google, Cisco and Autodesk, as well as several Computational Biology labs. As far as Beacon is concerned, she mostly sits in a corner and programs and tries not to break anything. So far so good.


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